Financial Dashboard

Financial Dashboard - illustration

Visualize revenue, expenses and PnL (profit and loss) on NECKAR's financial dashboard. Compare estimated figures with actual data to identify any differences and take corrective action.

Reporting Table

Reporting Table - illustration

Documents added to NECKAR are immediately reflected in revenue, costs, and PnL numbers. Group these figures by month, project, business area, or other categories you choose.

Select what documents to include in your reports and what to exclude.

Planning and Controlling - illustration

Planning and Controlling

Track and compare planned values against the actual ones. Look at the differences, either as exact numbers or as percentages, to evaluate your performance.

Knowing these differences can help you pinpoint where you need to make improvements.


Drilldown - illustration

Understand the exact numbers better with the drill-down feature. Access drill-down directly from dashboard charts or reports. See where the numbers come from and quickly check the related documents.

Document Management

Document Management - illustration

Manage documents effortlessly with NECKAR. Upload directly or import via email. Quickly search and find documents. Preview, print, download, or share links with colleagues right from NECKAR as with any other DMS.

AI Assist - illustration

AI Assist

AI Assist automatically assigns values, dates and labels using information extracted from documents.

You can always review and correct the extracted details as needed. NECKAR will keep your manual changes and won't change them.

You can give hints to AI Assist in plain language to improve its accuracy.

Granular Access Control

NECKAR ensures the safety of your documents with an easy-to-understand but effective access control system. It defines precisely who can view and interact with specific data and functions, maintaining strict access policies.


NECKAR supports teamwork in two areas - it manages documents for most of the team and shows executives the big picture of everyone's work.

History of Document Changes

NECKAR tracks document changes, providing a history to understand or restore previous work.


DATEV Integration

Upload your documents to DATEV with just a few clicks.

Email Import

Forward your documents to a dedicated NECKAR email address for import


Work in progress

We're integrating NECKAR with lexoffice, a popular software program. Stay tuned for updates!


Work in progress

We're working on adding sevDesk, to our system so you can manage your finances all in one place.

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