Avoid Going Bankrupt & Boost Business Growth

For small businesses and freelancers

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NECKAR was created to address pain points common to every small business

50% of companies never survive beyond five years;
49% of CEO's and founders suffer from depression and burnout.

Accounting preparation is not fun.

Prepare documents for your accountant quickly; react to requests for missing pieces rocket-fast.

Accounting reports lack forecasts and limit decision-making.

Extend accounting reports with estimates and get future projections.

Business and accounting have different priorities.

Customize the way you view your company's finances to fit your preferences, not just accounting standards.

Introducing NECKAR

Document Management, optimized for Accounting, Planning, and Reporting.

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Tax Documents Preparation

Organize documents in an easy to navigate archive.

Prepare documents for your accountant with a simple process:

  • Upload your files (checks, invoices or contracts)

  • Send selected documents directly to the accounting system (DATEV) or download them as a ZIP file

  • Find any document when needed

A screenshot of NECKAR application.

Financial Planning and Controlling

Transform documents into a financial plan; compare planned and actual numbers using tables and charts.

Define the structure of your revenues and costs in a way that fits your needs. View profit and loss by project and employee to understand where your business stands.

A screenshot of NECKAR application.

Understand and trust your reports

Track every number, drilling down to specific documents that contribute to it. See in every detail how your report comes together on a yearly and monthly scale.

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How it works in 3 steps

A screenshot of NECKAR application.
Step 1


Every contract and offer you file influences estimated revenue and expenses. Add them to the system, and watch your estimations update automatically.

A screenshot of NECKAR application.
Step 2


Record invoices, banking transactions and personal timesheets to update actual numbers.

Check how your estimates match reality; Quickly identify sources of discrepancies.

A screenshot of NECKAR application.
Step 3


Every number in a report is supported by documents; Access these documents in one click.

See profit and loss data per project and team member; Track employees' contributions to individual projects.


NECKAR has streamlined our document and financial processes. Now we can focus on company growth without distractions. I am pleased to have a precise view of the profits generated by each project and employee.


CEO of IT company


I completely rely on NECKAR for an accurate outlook on my projects. It's a great tool for any entrepreneur like myself.


Freelancer in Marketing and Media


Although we are a non-commercial organization, NECKAR has improved our planning. Now, we have a clear picture of how our membership fees align with expenses.


Sports club treasurer


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you store the data?

We use AWS (Frankfurt) and dedicated servers in a secure data center in Germany, ensuring all your documents and information are stored under strict German privacy laws.

Can I export data from your system?

Yes, you can. Currently, this functionality involves some manual processing as our project is in its early stages. Please email us, and we'll assist you with exporting all your data.

To whom the data belongs?

All data belongs to you. We simply provide the service and manage the data on your behalf.

Is the data shared with anyone else?

No, your data is strictly yours. We do not share it with anyone else.

Can you add a new feature / integration with another system?

We are happy to discuss your suggestions! Please email us and we will get back to you promptly.

Avoid Going Bankrupt & Boost Business Growth